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Digital only release, no CD or vinyl version planned coming 2/13/12

Sam Osborn, AKA wAgAwAga, a UK musician who has released LPs onBelfast imprint Acroplane Records, is not only pals with Barry Lynn (Boxcutter) but also an  immensely talented producer in his own right.His first RLR release, Midnight Sampler, will be his fourth full length album.Taking more cues from dub than dubstep, Midnight Sampler blends ideas from the Prince Jammy school of minimalism with a dictaphone documentary of Sam’s adventures on the streets of Pakistan.With an affinity for classic break beat cutups, time signaturechanges and epic transitions, wAgAwAgA’s most recent sound is a maturation of his familiar stylistic edge.. The 15 minute final track, ‘floaty edit’, re-channels the psychedelic undercurrent that was prevalent in electronic music of all stripes in the early to mid nineties. There are varying degrees of raw immediacy to be felt as you journey through Midnight Sampler.

Some tracks give an uncanny sense that Sam jammed out with native street musicians (chanting, playing sarong,  &c.), only to recycle the recordings minutes later into the framework of a track as they sit down to share a post-jam chillum. While previous albums may have hinted at this gritty feel, wAgAwAgA’s globetrotting & continued reshaping of dub sensibilities allows the full effect to shine through on Midnight Sampler

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wAgAwAgA – Floaty (from the upcoming ‘Midnight Sampler’ LP) by Fluorescent Grey

wAgAwAgA – vArAnAsi pujA (from the upcoming ‘Midnight Sampler’ LP) by Fluorescent Grey


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1. shuffle


2. vArAnAsi pujA


3. dijstep


4. rAvAnAgAra


5. En Animant Sitar Test


6. Flagnag Dub


7. phaseyphase


8. Western


9. Bubble Wrap


10. floaty edit


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