Antique Electronic/Synthesizer Greats Pt 2

Fluorescent Grey


update: 11/16/13: All tape binders on our end have been sold out, the rest of our tape binders have been sent to UK. We will provide purchasing details of the last few remaining binders shortly

A first time collaboration with Acroplane Records out of the UK! ‘Antique Electronic/Synthesizer Greats 1955-1984 Pt 1’ made quite a splash two years ago. After a long wait we not only get a Pt 2, but also a Pt 3 two months later as free downloadable LPs.

This time we’re also presenting a physical version, the first cassette on RecordLabelRecords and first physical release for Acroplane.

Pt 3 cassette will be availible to order immediatly along with Pt 2 cassette either in a bundled discounted pair, individually, or in a special limited edition of 10 in a classic tape binder with extra new artwork by Justin Bergstrom.
note: Part 3 will not be availible on any format besides cassette until the end of the year.
The cassettes are a transclucent purple and blue stock. The tape binders also include square cards of the web album art.

Pt 2 is availible to stream/download *now* for free in mp3/flac/wave formats

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