Mike Dunkley


Mike Dunkley is multi talented individual who can not only claim accomplishments in video and still digital art but is also a maker of very tasty electronic music.  The RLR originator Robbie grew up with Mike in the small town of Pleasanton, California and exposed each other to strange and unusual music throughout their high school years. All of the early Fluorescent Grey recordings included Mike Dunkley and were mostly made using Cool Edit Pro, Goldwave and countless cassette tapes. After falling off of each others’ radar for many years, Mike and Robbie met again in early 2000’s at an audio engineering school that also had a visual department. Mike was at the time taking the visual program, just as Robbie was completing the sound program. Mike had learned high level compositing and CGI design techniques which culminated in an interesting video short ‘Overgrowth’ (watch below). At Robbie’s request Mike designed the album art for the Fluorescent Grey release ‘Lying on the floor mingling with god…’ (below) and in the future they both plan to collaborate again on an experimental video concept.

Mike currently resides in southern California doing visual effects and design for several very high profile clients. He did the CGI for Blonde Redhead’s video ’23’ from the release of the same name, as well as the animation for Talib Kweli’s ‘Hot thing’ video. Perhaps most surprising of them all was his work on ‘AYO’ a recent collabo between 50 cent and Justin Timberlake. This otherwise typical flashy pop video was brought to another level by the custom programmed max/msp jitter effects designed my Mike. There is some fascinating glitching and a lot of subtly psychedelic dissolving fades and cuts through out the video thanks to his contribution.




Mike Dunkley – Corpus Clock LP (Limited)

  • 1. Weapons Free


  • 2. Corpus Clock


  • 3. Everywhere Ghost


  • 4. Raymarch


  • 5. West Woods


  • 6. Rollerblading


  • 7. Dread & Dream

  • 8. Shutters


  • 9. Weatherhead


  • 10. Blue Grotto


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RecordLabelRecords is proud to announce the long awaited debut LP by dsp/visual artist Mike Dunkley, Corpus Clock.
People have recently started to exclaim ‘idm is back!’… maybe it had something to do with the arrival of Phonecia’s Demissions, but all we can say is the rumors are true.

Corpus Clock is a fully fledged intricate glitch fest intertwined with muddled beauty, granulated ambiance and unashamedly idm in it’s origins.
This is not merely an exercise in trickery, it is full of wonder and hallucinations. Reminiscent of a short lived psychedelic era of electronic music.
Murky glimpses of Coil and Sun Electric can be heard. Passages call to mind a strange hybrid of Quaristice and Simon Posferd’s more restrained work.

All the tracks have 2 minute previews in 128kbps quality. digital version is now available for purchase
Vinyl is limited to 250 numbered copies featuring full color artwork by Mike Dunkley.
Mastered by Taylor Dupree

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