Shadow Men



Wisp aka Lich aka Reid William Dunn and i started sharing tracks online with eachother back in 2006. I noticed of what he was sending me, some was dubstep esque productions but with colorful twists and turns, far exceeding the template i came to expect. These particular tracks were not under his normal moniker Wisp, he was producing them under an obscure RPG themed creature psuedonym ‘Lich’. Lich is signifcantly less well known to the public than is Wisp. Wisp has 2 upcoming Rephlex records releases and to this date there are no offical Lich albums, eps or singles. Terminal Dusk records put out a 12″ compilation featuring a Lich track here and William has a Lich myspace page with quite a few unreleased tracks featured.
He sent me these 2 tracks in mid 2007 and we have decided to share them free on our site.
William is planning to complete the debut Lich release for Record Label Records in the near future.
note : this is a teaser for an upcoming 12″
but these tracks will not be appearing on it or anywhere else
-Robbie / fluorescent grey


1. Shadow Men


2. Low Down Dirty


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