Contagious Orgasm


Hiroshi Hashimoto has been recording as Contagious Orgasm since 1987. Spanning the diverse anthology of releases from his own label SSM to Ant-Zen recordings, he has now graced Record Label Records with his aural presence. Gaining popularity early on in the harsh japanese noise scene along with other artists such as Aube, Massona, MSBR, and Telepherique, Hiroshi’s sound has gone through an extraordinary evolution: from horror movie-like sound beds to abstract beat oriented electronic music and even dub.
Robbie discovered Contagious Orgasm through fellow artist Kush Arora who showed him the release ‘Voltage Controlled Filter’ off the noise label Tesco Organisation circa 1996. Besides having one of the best band names ever, Robbie was captivated by their unusual sound and has been following them ever since. In Hiroshi’s own words Contagious Orgasm sounds like a ‘Rorschach test of sound’
Stay tuned for the Upcoming 12″ 3 track long playing EP on Record Label Records due out in late January / Early February.





Contagious Orgasm – One Drop Water 12″ (Limited)

  • 1. At The National Border with Jack or Jive


  • 2. Wavelength To Amplify


  • 3. Acid Rain 2


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