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One of our biggest musical/artist influences here at RecordLabelRecords, the one and only :zoviet*france: on their ‘A Duck in a Tree’ podcast plays another fluorescent grey track from Ambiente
on the episode: ‘Bound Down Far Away’ broadcast on 16 February 2013. Download/Stream


track list
01 Controlled Bleeding – [title unknown – ‘Scourging Ground’ [demo] track 3] 02 Pink Floyd – Breathe Reprise PEDAL STEEL 03 Fluorescent Grey – Splatterbient 04 The Alaska None – Cafe Oto Solo Jan ‘1305 Findlay Hunter Rennie – Passeig de Gracia 06 [unknown sound recordist / BBC] – Elevator 6 Floors07 Tribal Drift – Are You a Pulsar Twinkling in the Jigsaw of Creation? [extract] 08 Ortiz – A Hungry Ghost Ain’t Got No Love 09 [unknown sound recordist] – Series of Explosions 10 [unknown sound recordist] – Volcano of Tanna Island (Melanesia) 11 The Hearing Trumpet – Gospel Redux 12 Ben Ponton – Dos Delaal [beta 3.0] 13 Lawrence Shove – Quail 14 Ilpo Väisänen – 0’51” 15 Cristal – Herrevad 16 Jim Lusted – Ascension


Previous ‘A Duck in a Tree’ podcast episode which played tracks from Fluorescent Grey Ambiente and Thomas Dimzuio/Voice of Eye’s The Unveiling of Darkness on the episode ‘Deep Summer Light, Deeper At Night’ broadcast on 09 February 2013. Download / Stream


01 Volta Laboratory Associates – Example1-Green-p93 02 John Rushton – Autoplay 03 Perlon – Terlenka [extract] 04 [unknown sound recordist / BBC] – Garganey 05 Heimir Björgülfsson – untitled [‘The Opposite’ track 3] 06 :zoviet*france: – untitled [17/18.08.87 track B01] 07 Jack Finlay, Douglas Grindstaff, Joseph Sorokin – Romulan Ship Interior 08 Fluorescent Grey with Candle Labra – Draggar Zamak 09 Landcrash – Verbena Reaches for the Sky 10 R.Y.N. – Provisonal Sketch of the Mind 11 Sigur Rós – Sidasta Ferd [undrcvr unofficial remix] 12 Fluorescent Grey – Birdemic 13 Voice of Eye / Thomas Dimuzio – Triton 14 In Be Tween Noise – Meditation on the Memory of a Theme by Purcell


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