Senryl – Dusted (1984)  July 20, 2016


Mysterious synthesizer act “SENRYL” from Santa Cruz, California self released ONE self titled cassette in 1984 and vanished. Most of the recordings feature appearances albeit brief of the rarely heard Emu Modular Synthesizer system. Neither one ever attended UC Santa Cruz but they were granted access to the electronic music studios there in the 80’s after a recommendation from a teacher at the local community college, Cabrillo. Robert Martin of RLR was given a copy of this self released tape by an associate of the band, who worked at EMU corp with a member from Senryl. Both members Gunnar Cubbins and Lionel Dienza are deceased. This video was made Posthumously by Robert Martin in their honor. This track will be making it’s first appearance on CD 12/7/10 on the RecordLabelRecords Compilation ‘Drinking The Goat’s Blood’

song composed:1983, video created:2010

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