Salamander :: Neocambrian Reviews  July 19, 2016

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From Callum Twigger of ‘The Thousands Perth City Guide’
“they’ve supported oOoOO and Lapalux, and the gurgling echoplex of their distortion orgy is probably what would happen if a band held a jam in a marsh. As in, knee-deep in a marsh, with brackish water flooding the amplifiers and scrambling the electronics around the dampened rigour of a resonant 4/4 drumbeat. Pour me another cup.”


From Richard Allen of ‘A Closer Listen’
” This element is one that many of the best recordings have in common; one can’t grasp what is going on for a while, but one wants to know more, in the same manner that one might stare at a painting or puzzle over a poem. There’s a lot going on in Neocambrian, which is the allure. Is that a gas station pump on “Vapour Field”? A woodpecker on “Weaving Rift”? Who knows? Let’s play it again. Neocambrian may be the road less traveled, but it’s a good road, a worthy road, an adventure beyond the comfort zone. Salamander stretches boundaries in the best way, cutting a path in the jungle. Take your malaria pills and don your pith helmets; this one’s worth the work.”


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picture from: A Thousand Words

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