RLR BotLegs : The Very Best of Treasure Co.  July 20, 2016

RecordLabelRecords is starting a new free download sublabel called RLR-BotLeg featuring music that is not availible in compact disc or reissue form, only as traded bootlegs.

Artists: Norio Hanzawa, Hitoshi Sakimoto, Miki Yanagisawa, Nazo Suzuki, Aki Hata + Others
Title: The Very Best of Treasure Co.  Download 320kpbs Mp3 Zip  Here


1. Side Limits (Alien Soldier)
2. Intermezzo Stage (Gradius V)
3. Stage 3 (Contra III).mp3
4. 7 (Mischief Makers)
5. Night of Dial q2 (Dynamite Heady)
6. Cell Stage (Gradius V)
7. Boss (Rocket Knight Adventures)
8. Antarctica (Astro Boy)
9. The Stone Like (Radiant Silvergun)
10. Methods (Guardian Heroes)
11. Battleship Stage (Gradius V)
12. Fight the Light (Lightcrusader)
13. Hustle Maruyama pt 1 (Dynamite Heady)
14. Status (Light Crusader)
15. Museum of Agony (Stretch Panic)
16. Paused (Wario World)
17. Stage 2 (Gunstar Heroes)
18. Boss (Mischief Makers)
19. Slap Up (Alien Soldier)
20. Return (Radiant Silvergun)
21. Stage 1 (Gunstar Heroes)
22. Boss (Gunstar Heroes)


Download 320kpbs Mp3 Pack w/ Individual Track by Track Art Here

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