Goat’s Blood & Electric Carpets press/reviews/radio  July 20, 2016

Solipsistic Nation Plays-
“I played Upside Down Umbrella on this week’s Solipsistic Nation. You can find it at http://solipsisticnation.com/?p=611 or download it directly at 


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Cyclic Defrost Review-
“While Record Label Records’ preceding ‘Drinking The Goats Blood’ compilation saw them charting the more serrated and deconstructed edges of the leftfield electronic spectrum, this companion collection ‘Electric Carpets’ represents a considerably less ferocious listen, with the US imprint themselves describing it as a “post-IDM” collection, with far more emphasis upon danceable grooves. While it’s certainly a far more immediately accessible proposition than its predecessor however, it’s easily as eccentric, unpredictable and just plain eclectic, with the nineteen tracks collected here pretty much veering all over the shop in terms of styles. The cast of labels contributing new and exclusive tracks here is also pretty blinding, with Rephlex, Skam, Brainfeeder, Sub Rosa, Highpoint Lowlife and Ant-Zen all handing over tracks, alongside Record Label Records’ own artist roster.


While Cubus’ ‘Hello Zonghma’ opens proceedings on a gauzy, IDM-laced tip that sees billowing walls of ambient drones gathering momentum amidst subtle clicking rhythms and buzzing, glacial synthscapes, Brainfeeder’s Dr. Strangeloop throws a far more manic electronic jazz vibe into the mix with his hyper-accelerated ‘World Of Your Dream’s, sending near-breakcore rhythms jittering beneath intricate analogue synth runs, the end result sitting somewhere between Squarepusher and more recent Flying Lotus. wAgAwAgA’s ‘Nunwun’ meanwhile opts for a spacious dubstep-techno swing in the vein of Headhunter and 2562, leading smoothly into into the hyper-fractured and abstract jazz clatter of Fluorescent Grey’s ‘Rag Doll Physics Professor’, moody synth drones adding a menacing undercurrent to the clattering percussion, sampled horn stabs and wandering bass tones. Elsewhere still, Exillon’s ‘Percussor’ sets the controls for twitchy, broken Rephlex-styled post-acid electronics that sends stuttering rhythm drop-outs rolling beneath squealinng, near-redline synth distortion, before Brian E’s ‘Wild River’ takes things out into knowingly retroid Italo-tinged house that takes its aesthetic cues equally from the likes of Jan Hammer and Paul Hardcastle. A pretty much immaculate collection that contains plenty of brilliant discoveries alongside the more familiar names here; ‘Electric Carpets’ is well worth seeking out and indeed, there’s pretty much something to suit all tastes here.
by Chris Downton


Fantaasia Radio, Estonia plays Braintree & BD1982 from Electric Carpets FANTAASIA: 19-01-2011 Tiit Kusnets
15. BD 1982 – Globos (04:10) Durr (Record Label Records, 2011) CD/ kogumik: Electric Carpets * soundcloud.com/bd1982
17. William S. Braintree – Kaitlin (05:40) William S. Braintree (Record Label Records, 2011) CD/ kogumik: Electric Carpets *williamsbraintree.bandcamp.com *www.recordlabelrecords.org/”

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