Acroplane Records: Fluorescent Grey’s Antique Electronic/Synthesizer Greats 1955-1984 pt1  July 20, 2016

artist: Fluorescent Grey
catalogue no.: ACP077
release date: 15.03.11



1. Dacca Thermotensile Loony Smut Syst
2. Baba Rube Drone Lions
3. Ice Age Fire Loving Zool; Troy
4. Ramadan Greek Winter Trek (aka Coricidin)
5. Chicken Hypnotism
6. Abc Condom Motorist = Trunks Tony
7. Juanita Ciardelli
8. Basal Metabolic Rate Niggle Vishnu; Intr. Slur
9 . Cinema Isn’t Soul Sorn
10. Gomez Childs Shult
11. Gunner McRagburn
12. Dead Pink Sphere Pussy Envy
13. Leaf-Laden Amber Hued GUI
14. Abaca Cede, Love to Lie……… Iris Truly
15. Johnny Rocket-Ball
16. Endless Saccharic Acid Deed… Every Show Oozy
17. Calcium Cyclamate: Eighteen Helix Horn Worms
18. Arcjet Penhorn
19. Applebaum Watersnake
20. PPink Sun, Venial Gypsies
21. Where From Tape Deck Ked
22. Would You Say I Have A Plethora Of Piñatas?
23. Rick Santorum Smokes Salvia Divinorum
24 .Abadox
25. Québécoise Italo
26. Pierce Molten Dog Rose
27. The Acroplane Guide to Electronic Music Mix


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