Identity Theft - From My Cold Dead Hands Cassette/Digital - Out Now Jan 29, 2016

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An RLR Documentary: A Very Heavy Agenda Part 2 [DVD / VOD] Jan 17, 2016

A Very Heavy Agenda Part 2: How We Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the New Neocons by Robbie Martin - out now

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"Completely mind-blowing documentary about neocon ideologues and their bipartisan destructive influence" - Max Blumenthal [Author of Goliath & The 51 Day War]

A Very Heavy Agenda 3: Maintaining the World Order - COMING SOON

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An RLR Documentary: A Very Heavy Agenda Part 1, 2, & 3 [DVD / VOD] Dec 16, 2015

A Very Heavy Agenda Part 1 : A Catalyzing Event by Robbie Martin VOD & DVD

RENT: A Very Heavy Agenda Part 1 : A Catalyzing Event from Robert Martin

Synopsis   (Original Score by: Fluorescent Grey)

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Only Now - Only Now - Out Now Jun 02, 2015

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SOTE - ARRHYTHMIA out now May 26, 2015
New RLR: Sote - Arrhythmia, Only Now - Only Now, Heorge Garrison, Identity Theft, Wisp, Viel, Fluorescent Grey + more May 11, 2015

New RLR Releases:

Sote - Arrhythmia (digital ) 5/25/15 

Listen to the full track 'Exciters' from Arrhythmia


Only Now - Only Now  (digital/cassette) 6/5/15 

Listen to the full track 'No Escape' from Only Now

Identity Theft - ? (digital/cassette)   7/15/15

Veil - ? (digital/cassette)  7/30/15 

Fluorescent Grey - Chamber Music: Ambiente 4 ( digital/12")  8/05/15 
Fluorescent Grey - Chamber Music: Ambiente 5 ( digital/12")  8/15/15 
Fluorescent Grey - Chamber Music: Ambiente 6 ( digital/12")  8/30/15 

Heorge Garrison - ?  (digita/12")  ?/?/15

Brian E - ? (digital/cassette) ?/?/15 

Hear previews from all upcoming releases on the L'AUSTIN SPACE out of the UK


Fluorescent Grey - Ambiente will be released digitally in February Jan 23, 2015

Fluorescent Grey - Ambiente  1, 2 and 3 will be released digitally (iTunes, Boomkat, Juno Records etc) in February! 

Ambiente 1: The Harmoniums Reside In The Caverns Of Mercury - 2/1/15
Ambiente 2: The Uncanny Valley - 2/15/15
Ambiente 3: Ritual At The Super Volcano - 2/28/15

Dalglish exclusive RLR mix Sep 12, 2013

A new exclusive RecordLabelRecords two part mix  (totaling three and a half hours) from Dalglish aka Chris Douglas has arrived.  Digital release of the new Dalglish 12" 'Venoyn' will be released next week! All people who ordered the vinyl will recieve free of charge the digital delivery. 

Part 1

Part 2

"I wanted to make a mix of non-electronic of songs that I have enjoyed and are dear to me. In a time when electronic music seems to be becoming some sort of startup with very nasty ties, I try to remind myself of this less exploited time of music. No bloated overrated egomaniacs. (Fuck these Enya tribute bands. Arpeggio reliant Moles. Are you kidding me?) least lot of talent was there.

A time when people loved what they did and were tested to show their integrity with perseverance and skill--long gone those days.
It's mostly to remind myself that I still love music regardless of how much I am almost destroyed by the utter shit out there, rising more and more daily.No complex techniques, no wank worthiness, just plain and simple delivery.

Please enjoy like you're hanging out with your mates having a bevy."

C Douglas 
2013 Berlin


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